Minimum requirements for UiPathRemoteRuntime.msi

We are an application provider hosting our clients over RDS/Citrix remote sessions. To allow our clients run UiPath on a remote application, we need to install UiPathRemoteRuntime.msi on the server, before deploy UiPath to our client, we have some questions:

  • what is the minimum software and hardware requirements for UIPath plugin for remote desktop? If it is different from UiPath running on the client side.

-our Terminal server environment is allowing access to every single hosted user and this will mean
that this particluar plugin will have to be installed on every single user.
we need to see the technicial information on the installation process.

-when this particular uipath plugin has issue, how do we suppose to support this software?

  • how does the licensing side work with UIPath?
  • what are the technicial and security requirements from the UIpath plugin software? i can’t find it on their website so far.



Hi ,
U can refer to this link. Hardware and Software Requirements

Hi Felix,

Thanks for the prompt reply. But I guess this is for UiPath studio, what I am asking is the server side agent or are you indicating it is the same requirements?

And requirement is only one of my question, I need anwsers for other questions as well.



the minimum always wont fullfill basically 2.2GHz and 64 bit with 8 GB RAM very good