Minimum age requirement for (UiRPA)

I am Austin turned 16 this June and had thoroughly completed the Developer Fundamentals course. Looking forward to take the certification examination for the associate. Am I applicable to take the exam btw I have passport.

If Yes, Let me know the procedures and steps because I am quite new to this. Help to support me on this matter

Thanks in Advance

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Hi @Austin_Jerome,

That is great to hear.

As far i know Pearson Vue requirements are strictly related to ID proof and not restricted to age.

Good luck to you.


Hi Austin,

Happy to see that you are interested in our certification program.
I recommend you consult our Certification webpage: RPA Certification Advanced RPA Developer | UiPath, more specifically, the Get certified in 5 easy steps section, where you will find the entire journey that will help you get certified.

In the exam descriptions, you can see what you need to study to prepare for it and decide what exam is best for you.

Please note that the 2 exams imply a different level of skills and knowledge and – for the time being – it’s not mandatory to take them in any order, although we do recommend to take the Associate first.

The exam descriptions can be found here:

Associate -

Advanced -

Hope this is clear. Feel free to reach out if you need more information.