Minimize all the other application

Hello Everyone,
I really dont know about others but i will do this each and every time when iam running the process
It is minimizing each and every application after clicking on the run file button :laughing:

It will be helpful if you are running a process in the VM in unattended mode and the bot tries to access chrome or some other application , there is a chance to be some other folders or even Server Manager will be opened in the foreground which will affect the interactions so you can use this script to overcome that.


Dim objShell
set objShell = CreateObject("shell.application")
set objShell = nothing


  • Open a Notepad and get the script from here and paste it there and click Save As. .
  • Choose Save as Type as All Files and name it Whatever.vbs
  • Now create a Library or workflow in your studio because it can be reusable for any other processes.
Optional Step
  • Use 2 log messages like “Minimize the foreground application” and “The foreground application are minimized”
  • Drag the Invoke VBScript and give the path and that’s it no parameters needed.

Use this workflow or a library package only in the begining of the process (i.e., Use this as first step to your process or before the container activities like open or attach brower if any)

Attaching the xaml file and nupkg too for your reference
MinimizeAllApplication.xaml (5.7 KB)
minimizeallapplication.1.0.1.nupkg (19.6 KB)

and also we can use Win+D in the send hotkey as @mayur.pawanikar said

Hope this helps…:smile:

If you have any other FeedBack please let me know I’m all earsss…



We can use keys: ‘Win+D’. This will minimize everything. :slight_smile: