Milestone 4 - Tools for Building Automation

This program concentrates on learning StudioX. You discovered that processes, which are more complex than tasks, can be automated using UiPath Studio. Also, the programming knowledge level needed is more advanced.

Do you think that, after learning how to use StudioX, you will jump to learning Studio?

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Hint, for Password Update Use Write to File Actions.


How to use the 'Use Application: Untitled Notepad" when there is no Resource button on the interface?

Hi @Bugsy101073 ,

I hope you are using #StudioX and not Studio/ Studio Pro.
This is where you can see the ‘Use Application’ Resource in StudioX.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

This was a little more difficult than it should have been because of company saving policies.

The password generator link sends me to the Unicorn Name site.

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Hello @Chizea_Nwosa ,

Here is the password generator link,


Hello @terry.short
We would love to hear how you finally got it done.

I used Write Text File actions. It directly saves the password from clipboard and saves the .txt file in a prescribed folder with a file name of your choice.


Great tip! It greatly simplifies it! I wasn’t finding the notepad application in the resources, only then I realized that you have to actually open notepad before choosing “Use application/browser”.

Thanks a bunch

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A little more difficult for me

Great exercise. Went a step further and tasked it to Save As, text to Title, and Replace Existing. Just testing stuff out, having fun!

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Hi @pdezzutto ,

Any major Challenges you would like to share?
Or any further support you need.


Hi Nidhi

Not at this time, thank you

Hello guys! I have difficulties to make that practice exercise. Which activities did you choose?
Thank you in advance :grinning:

Hope this will help, Laurie. :hugs:

I’v done

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Hola, me funcionó con la actividad de Write Text File y el archivo de texto ya debe estar creado.