Milestone 4 - Building an End-to-End Automation

And with that, week three is done, and you’ve experienced building an automation project from start - by designing the RobotPath, to finish - by publishing your project and running it from the UiPath Assistant. Looking back to the whole journey, you learned and practiced on end-to end use-cases, but your Assistant can be populated with simple processes too. For example, adding characters to a piece of text before pasting it into another application, this can easily become one of the most popular process.

What will be the most used automation by you?

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Hi , I am having alot of trouble with the copy file part of the robot can someone please go throught this with me also for some reason i can not publish robot, caan someone please help me with this, is there any chance a zoom call can happen so someone can go through it with me, Thanks.

Is there any option to schedule or trigger jobs? I know these are still running on my local machine, but can I somehow setup jobs to run automatically on particular time on when some conditions are met, when I am not using my PC?

You can use windows task scheduler to run a robot at particular time.
The actions can be included in a windows batch command (cmd) file


cd “C:\Users\Laszlo\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-21.4.0”
set robotmain=“C:\Users\Laszlo\Documents\UiPath\WorkingWithMSWord\Main.xaml”
echo %date% %time% - Start - %robotmain%
UiRobot.exe -file %robotmain%
echo %date% %time% - Done - %robotmain%


Can someone please help me in setting the Attended Robot in My Workspace. I cant see “Attended Robot”

Many Thanks…Sandeep

I do not see it either but I see “My Workspace”. If I go to “User Settings” I see the following:

I guess that is the equivalent/alternative to what the video mentions.

I have the same issues, but at least we made it through week 3

When I go looking around I do see:

Finally…Done…my first Robot has been connected .

It was good learning …:slight_smile:


My Orchestrator Dashboard…after 2 failed attempt …1 process executed successfully .

It was good practice session …Happy Automation :slight_smile:


I need help. I’m not able to connect to the tenant on my StudioX. Thus, I cannot publish projects to my orchestrator, even though I can login separately to Orchestrator. Any suggestions on how to enable interactive sign-in?


Hi @Jamie_Lim

Please contact our technical support for assistance :slight_smile:

In short, you are trying to access Community Orchestrator with the Enterprise Studio installation, which don’t go together.