Milestone 2 - Automating Excel

Excel is a widely used Microsoft software. For example, it is used for billing, data management, analysis, inventory, finance, business tasks, complex calculations, etc. What Excel tasks will automate and in what situations will data extraction become handy?

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agreed. I can use this to Review my sales pipeline and find the ones with most activities.

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Useful bot - I got some errors in the end
for some reason because my excel did not close after the bot ran - it does not go to the next step which is creating the email. I am using GMAIL and I find I seem to be having issues populating mails. Is anyone else having the same issues?

Are you eager to get rid of those strenuous and time-consuming operations involving data manipulation in Excel? What tasks will you automate and in what situations will data extraction become handy? Within my functions I do not execute repetitive tasks associated with excel, however I believe that in areas such as payments, treasury or purchases this type of tools can be useful.

The exercise was good but i think the the real-time scenario will be catered when we will know variables creation during this course. For example when you copy the sheet from one to another, you have to run it until that activity to use it further. And incase its already there then you wont be able to run the bot as an error will come up where it will say that Sheet name already exists.

Very useful properties for extracting tabular data from web. I have faced issue with Next button but at the end able correct that. It was useful bot created

I am not sure how I will use this, but I know during past projects this would have come in handy

I feel like I got it, however I get a null error every time, even on the Solution. Otherwise, good exercise. Maybe some day I’ll figure out how to fix this:

Hi, this happens because there is a book’s name which is a date (…1963). This field is automatically formated as date. :wink:

Thanks for your reply. I’ll retry this exercise with that in mind. Wish me luck.

Hi guys, but we are trying to replace all £ with empty space. I don’t believe that has something to do with the book’s name. It seems like you can’t leave it blank in the “replace with” gap. I’m getting the same error. Have you been able to resolve this?

It is a best practice that if we are inserting a sheet using the robot we first need to check the if the sheet exists using the For each sheet in excel action and an if condition block and if the value is true proceed else add a sheet with the respective name in the else block. I hope this solves your question.

Hi , This happens when all the books are not captured and only a set (Ex: first 20) are captured. For the code to run successfully it is better that we capture the value of all the 1000 book using the next button in the table extraction values. Or you need to manually delete the rows by checking which book was captured and rest books needs to be deleted from the Books Sheet which is much more hectic. Hence Capturing 1000 book details will solve the problem

A bit late reply.
From the beginning, do not open your book report excel file.
Let’s the bot open it, scrape it and fill in the data and do all the job. After that it will auto close the excel file once data processing job is finished.
Of course, for sending out email, you have to insert this activity outside of “Use Excel File”.