Milestone 1 - Build your first Automation

I was unable to add the Excel extension. Will try to correct. Otherwise, it seems practice will make developing new scenarios more intuitive.

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Hello everybody,
With this type of tool you could automate several repetitive tasks such as:

  1. Schedule a task that allows me to send the daily reports to all interested.
  2. Generate reports that cross the assets associated with users who report incidents to the Service Center.
  3. Create reports with concatenated information from different sources.

That was easier than I thought, already excited to learn more to build more advanced automations.

3 Examples

  1. Have the daily regional report gathered via automation instead of by human merging data together to send out.
  2. Summarize the data on the attendance outlook to be automated and sent out to leadership.
  3. Automate the updating of weekly schedule choice options.

In my opinion, this would help a lot in end-to-end process automation.

  • Navigating between portals and applications
  • Data capture and update
  • consolidation and validation
    what not!!!

hi everybody

I had couple of hurdles assigning an attended robot license to me.
first there is no info about orchestrator and how to create a tenant, user, assign robots etc
second, i use 2 computers, one at home and one at work. once I logged into my uipath profile and try to run my first robot, my licese allocated to my work computer and back at home needed to assign the same license back to my home computer. I guess uipath can do a batter job by allowing concurrent use of same license as long multiple log ins are not active at the same time


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Hi all,
It’s seem to be easy like auto click since 20+ years before.
It can be do only one record, how to do more rows?

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In my case automate:

  1. daily reports

  2. meeting reminders on the calendar.

  3. notify workers by mail about urgent tasks

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  1. Update dashboards
  2. Update reports
  3. Notify users by mail that dashboards and reports have been updated
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Update reports,
Do Currency conversions and update reports

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  1. Sharing create email id and sharing password.
    2)entering data in erp forms.
    3)updating excel sheet.

Hi, my top 3 examples so far are:

1.- Sending separate emails with the information provided by a third person, like a username.
2.- Filling out web forms from within an excel file
3.- Organizing my bills by saving them in each month folder, depending on the date they were created

  1. Sending an automatic status report to the stakeholders of a project.
  2. Get exchange rate updates at the beginning of the day.
  3. Verify the required compliance by completing the information in a specific document format.