Migration to mordern folder and workspace

Hi all ,
i might be missing some concept here , please enlighten me.
below is the screen of the “myworkspace” in our dev tenent . am not able to delete once user from this tenant. the encircled one. surprisingly i deleted this user from the admin page. this user is not a part of the uipath cloud offering that we use. but how come his details are featuring in this personal workspace alone ?

secondly ,
i did a migration from a classic folder in prod tenent to the "dev"tenant. while migrating (Assets , queues etc) i did not know it was a modern folder.
but now we need to segregate the environment inside. but there is no concept of environment in modern folder. please tell me how to do this ? support , finance and operations are the3 major departments in the organization qualified to be a environment.


Hi @seetharaman

Is this an Enterprise Automation Cloud account? If so, I would suggest reaching out to the Cloud support here:

it is certainly strange that you wouldn’t be able to delete an entry. Could you provide more details about any errors that you are getting while attempting to delete it?

it just reappears , there is no error as such. this is ok for now. though i dont know what made this problem to go away.