Migration Process of Workflow with Config file and several .xaml Files Between Environments

How to migrate workflow with config file and several .xaml to production?

The best practice to migrate workflow with config file and several .xaml from test environment to production environment, is as below:

  • Place the configuration files in a shared drive location
  • Define shared path in Orchestrator Assets
  • The workflow should retrieve the file path from Orchestrator and the contents of the file for further use in project. With this approach, there are few benefits:
    • Different files can be maintained in a single location for different environments
    • File related changes becomes easier requiring no additional changes to be performed on the project
  • Publish the project and upload the Nupkg file available to Orchestrator; on execution of the process , the referenced files will get extracted in the %userprofile% of the Robot server.


NOTE:: With license available for one Orchestrator and having two tenants – Test and Production, there is no direct possibility to export the assets from one tenant.