Migration of ROBOTS

hi team,
my team has developed various sub process robot
such as(sub_robot1,sub_robot2,sub_robot3,sub_robot4…) and this robot are built in different vm/RDCand their source input for their these process are from (one drive) now as we want to migrate the sub-processes to as single robot and want to publish as single in the orchestrator…and want to schedule these based on some time and it should trigger to its specific RDC/ip because their is no manual intervention for running the robot…

Note:this proceess include mail part aswell developers are assigned with different outlook mail but when it comes
the mail part it has to be trigger accorrding those mail id assigned but my doubt here as we migrate the robot and try to run the file
it may fail since the robot which may migrate may takes it outlook configuration it may differ RDC to RDC user
and issue with one drive as well

just wanted ask is this possible?