Migration from ie to edge

hi… while migrating the bots from ie to edge in the outlook.I got this error-
Get Outlook Mail Messages: The specified folder does not exist


please share screenshots about you get outlook mails activity properties


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could it be the case that the Bot Emails folder is a subfolder of the inbox?

If poosible open outlook for this account
rigth lick on the folder - select properties
check the folder path

adopt the setting accordingly

when i change selectors by migrating ie to edge it shows me some error


Check whether Bot Emails is a folder or sub folder

If it’s the folder your activity should have worked fine
If it’s the sub folder like Folder\Subfolder eg: Inbox\Bot Emails

Check that once

For the selector issue try indicating the element again with the same activity
You can re indicate the element from the current window itself Selector editor screen

Let us know if you are facing any further issues

Cheers @guptasweb

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If it’s the sub folder then how how to correct it?

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If it’s a sub folder try to mention like this


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Hello @guptasweb

Its better to check the mailbox and do the configuration. You need to first confirm whether the folder is a subfolder to Inbox or is there any change in the name of the folder.

The error is like The specified folder doesnot exist. So it can be either the Folder name issue or the folder name. “Bot Emails” is a subfolder.

if subfolder you need to provide the fullpath of folder like “Inbox\Bot Emails” else please check the folder name and correct it.

Hi @guptasweb

Is the issue resolved now


Can you share the screenshot of mail box structure


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outlook or ?

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Then mention like this
In mail activity

“Inbox\Bot Emails”

Cheers @guptasweb

I’ve tried this but this shows error

It didn’t work…

remove the value mentioned in Accounts property and keep only the MailFolder with value
and try once again


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If I remove the account property then where it will find the email account details?

it will take from the outlook account configured in your machine.
if that account is tagged in your outlook then we need to access it with its credentials using GET EXCHANGE MAIL Activity.


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