Migration From Classic To Modern Folders

How to migrate from classic to modern folder structure?

A small Draft guide is created for an easier migration

  1. Create a modern folder structure
  1. Create a 1st level folder for each business division or department.
  2. Create sub-folders for teams, and create more levels if needed. For example: France / Finance / Team Blue.
  3. Create subfolders for automation that only these teams use. For example: France / Finance / Team Blue / Pay Invoice and France / Finance / Team Blue / Approve Invoice.

  1. Deploy processes and dependencies
  1. If the processes use system activities older than 19.10, recompile them and publish the new versions to Orchestrator.
  2. Deploy processes in the correct folders. Make sure processes that share a queue or assets are deployed in the same folder.
  3. Recreate assets, queues, and storage buckets.
  4. Create attended robots and give users permission to run attended processes
  • For Attended users, enable the Attended Robot and correct license type in the Users edit page. Make sure they have the role Allow to be Automation User assigned to them.

Assign the attended users to the folders where there are processes they need to execute, with the role “Automation user”. The access propagates to all subfolders, so if someone needs to execute all processes in France / Finance / Team Blue, assign him there, there is no need to go into all the subfolders to do it in each.

  • Create Unattended Robots, give permissions to run unattended processes

For Unattended users, do the same for the Unattended Robot and also provide the correct Windows login. Make sure they have the Allow to be Automation User role assigned.

User to folder assignment for unattended users (locate unattended processes, assign the user with the role “Automation user”.

For the Unattended machines, create machine templates with the correct number of runtimes (1 Unattended or non-production license for desktop machines, more for HD machines). Reconnect the Unattended machines with the new machine key (the one from the template). Make sure to group together identical machines under a single machine template (no need to create a new machine template for each individual machine).

Assign each machine template to each folder that holds automation that can/must run on the machines under that template. Machine assignment does not propagate to subfolders, you need to assign them to each folder where unattended automation is.

Disable Classic Robots and test the setup

  1. Delete or disable the Classic Robots
  2. Attended users should see the modern version of their processes in the desktop agent. Test them.

Available documentation here: Migrating From Classic Folders To Modern Folders .

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is there any tools to migrate classic folder to modern folder ?