Migration classic vs. modern folder

Hi all,

I currently have 2 production classic robots and I need to move them inside a modern folder where I already have all the entities migrated from classic.

What is the correct approach in this case? add the 2 machines inside the machine template and hook it to modern?

Is there any way to hook the standard machines without having to reconfigure the assistant within the machines?



Hope below thread might help you.

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Thx, i’ve seen the documentation.

The Orchestrator administrator creates and adds the entire modern folder structure and needed entities while the users still utilize the existing entities in the classic folders where they are assigned. During this time, you can create two robots with the same domain\username , one in a classic folder and one in a modern folder

I just have a user in modern with the same domain\username

and the user sees and executes only the classic processes available to them. When the classic robot is deleted, the modern robot takes over and executes the newly created and added modern versions of those same processes, with no change in the user’s experience.

this point is not clear to me, if currently the machines are standard type, I need to hook those machines to a machine template and then the machine template to the modern folder.
So I will still need to go into the machine and hook the new machine key, correct?

To easily migrate from classic folders to modern folders, standard machines can be associated with modern folders so that upon migrating, you do not need to change the machine key.

But in orchestrator the only information that i have is that standard machine cannot be hooked with modern folder, any advice?

Any progress or answer from this…?
I too am migrating from Classic to Modern and would like to utilize the same Machine Key so that I do not have to provision a new RPA Server with the Modern Folder Machine Template Key, rather would like to use existing Standard Machine Key.
Appreciate and help on this manner. I would have assumed that one could assign a Standard Machine to a Modern Folder give it does not prohibit nor exclude Standard Machines…?