Migration classic folder to modern folder: Attended robot not displayed

Hey Together,
in our orchestrator, we still have the classic “default” folder. It says that classic folders will be removed by next month and that one should use the migration tool.

In the default folder, we have two attended robots installed. When I start the migration they are not shown in the migration overview.

If I migrate the folder, I fear losing connection to the attended robots.

How can I migrate the folder to a modern one without reinstalling the attended bots?

Is it even necessary to install attended robots inside a folder since modern folders do not have a robot section?

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You need not reinstall the attended robots…you just need to configure the attended license again once you migrate…

You have to create machine templates and users and assign the license to it

Users are what are called as robots in the modern folders…

you have to create and add them to the respective folder and provide the attended user license

Can use this as a started help




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