Migrating Pre-Existing Processes/Bots From Developer Who Left?

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I’m a new UiPath developer at a company. I took over the position from another developer who left. The other developer had an unattended robot assigned to his PC. Does anyone have any ideas on the best way to migrate all of his pre-built processes to my PC - and assign all of his automations to me? Currently they are all linked to his PC user profile. I have access to his PC and can run the automations from there or Orchestrator. Just not sure of the best way to go about this. Anyone have experience with something like this?


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Do you have source code or not?

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Hello @Luecke_Anthony,

All the processes you see in the robot tray that will be inside C:\Users\<Respective User ID>\.nuget\packages

Pro Tip : You will find the source code here as well !

Next you can create a robot for your user ID in orchestrator & add your robot to the same environment as the old robot. Now you will be able to run it from the robot assigned to you.



Thanks @Nithin_P.

This is very helpful!

I currently have a robot already created and assigned to my ID. I notice that it is not in an environment like the other developers robot. Mine is of type “Studio” and theirs was of type “Unattended” and assigned to an environment. Would I need to also make mine unattended and how would I go about assigning it to the proper environment?

@xuanhung I believe I found the source code using @Nithin_P method

Hello @Luecke_Anthony ,

You don’t need to change the robot type. You just need to move your robot to the same environment as the unattended bot and you will be able to see the processes in your robot tray.

That said unattended robots should be deployed on a Windows Server for better utilization as they are back office robots & humans should not interfere with it’s operation. Studio robots are for using the UiPath Studio for development purposes only.



Thanks for the helpful info @Nithin_P!

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