Migrating Insights Installation to Production


Currently, we are trying to get Insights 2019.10 up and running for Testing in our Development Environment. Very soon, once we have Insights running on our Dev Environment, we would like to move Insights to Prod.

In that respect, we do not want to go through the entire installation process of Insights again, because we are going to use the same Insights server that we are trying to get running with Dev.

So, is there a migration workflow which we can adopt to migrate the same Insights installation from Dev Orchestrator to Prod Orchestrator?

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Hey @csajal, you should just be able to switch out the dev license for the prod license if you want to keep using the same database as well. otherwise, we don’t really have a determined workflow for migrating an existing setup from dev to prod

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Hi @Michelle_Yurovsky, the DB can’t be the same as it’s Dev v/s Prod, but post Dev Testing, what I was hoping for is

  1. Upgrade Prod Orch for Insights
  2. Migrate Dev Licenses to Prod
  3. Point existing Insights from Dev to Prod
  4. Run Tenant Enablement tool for Prod Tenants

So, wanted to hear your views on this, and if point 3 above is feasible, and if yes, then what all configuration changes would be required, understanding that all port, communication protocols and certificate related nuances are taken care of between Prod Orch and Insights server.

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Hi @csajal unfortunately it’s a little bit more complicated than that, there are a lot of encrypted values in the configs and you’d have to reconfigure all of them. Right now your best bet is to just install it fresh on prod.

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