Migrating activities to .Net 5.0

Hello folks / @loginerror,

I had implemented a customer activities library based on the .Net Framework (4.6.2) a while ago.
I like to migrate it to .Net 5 so it can be used for UiPath Projects with Compatibility mode Windows.

So far, I tried to follow the explanation which you can find here:

But it seems to be a little bit short.
@loginerror would you mind filling in the blanks and provide us with detailed information?

For example if a follow this approach I get always the error message that System.Activities.Core.Presentation and System.Activities.Metadata cannot be found.

Thanks upfront. :wink:

Kind Regards,

Hey @tino-johannes.luettge

Thank you for your feedback. Our documentation team is working on updating this page :slight_smile: