Migrate Orchestrator To A Virtual Machine Containing Windows

Migration of Orchestrator to a virtual machine with Windows.

Issue Description: How to install the Orchestrator in the new Virtual Machine and provide the license through a license file (offline activation)? Are there any problems installing the Orchestrator in a new virtual machine? Is reset of any id required? Post the Orchestrator installation and licensed in the new virtual machine, is the SQL database, the assets, processes, schedules present before migrating, are they still present or is it required to create / publish everything again?

Resolution: If the Hostname of the Orchestrator/ SQL server, Orchestrator URL and the certificate of the Orchestrator Server are the same on the new VM( for example Windows 2019), follow the below steps to migrate the Orchestrator to the new VM without any requirement to create / publish everything again.

  1. Backup the database, config file and the nuget packages.
  2. Install the same version of the Orchestrator on the new VM
  3. Restore the database.

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