MicrosoftOffice365 move mail 'Dispose Async' error


Basic Auth is soon being disabled and so we planned to use appID, tenantID and appSecret as authentification with MicrosoftOffice365 activities.

We have little time and work on old projects still using “Windows Legacy”. We use MicrosoftOffice365 version 1.14.1, being the only version that can compile AND work with Windows Legacy.

However, despite every test being OK on dev (Moving mail, getting mails, etc.), we get this error on a different environment :


Prior to this error, we retrieve all mails in mailbox (before moving them) and “Get mails” works fine using MicrosoftOffice365 activities.

I really have no clue on why some parts of the library don’t work with Windows Legacy and we don’t have time to migrate to Windows on most of our processes.

If you have any idea/advise, we’ll be glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Hi @Joseph_D

Check this

Hope this helps.


This is kind if a know issue…try using 1.11.1 which is more stable on these activities than the 1.14.1…we see this only on fee systems not on all…mind it to change the drive item variables once you change the version as driveitems for both versions are different in different namespaces

If you dont want to change the version you can try a work around…copy the package folder from the dev machines to the prod machines and then try running it…this might not resolve completely…because the error is mostly caused due to dependecy duplication…but good to try …nuget folder location - C:\Users\<Username>\.nuget\packages

Hope this helps