Microsoft Vision Scope Detect Face Activity

I am currently testing Detect Face Activity.
I successfully got output as below. Then, How can I extract only “Age” or “Gender” from this result and show them by using [message box] activity?

*** output ****

Thank you!

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  1. Store above output in one string variable and say ‘Str’.

  2. Then try below expressions to get the required result.

               StrAge = Str.Substring(Str.IndexOf("Age=")+"Age=".Length)).Split(","c)(0)
               StrGender = Str.Substring(Str.IndexOf("Gender=")+"Gender=".Length)).Split(","c)(0)

Hi. Thank you for your suggestion. However, It’s still not working correctly… I attached image for out put, and there are assign error as well.
I attache my workflow xaml, so please have a look and give me something… Thank you.

Main.xaml (7.4 KB)

I have tried many times, but still I only got UiPath.MicrosoftVision.FaceImage. Cannot display “age” or “gender” by message box activity…


First try to convert FaceImage type to String and then follow the steps as mentioned in earlier post.

Thats what i have followed already. I still facing same issue