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Today we tested the Vision Activity in UIPath. Once we got everything going we could ready out an image to get data from it. But the variable Type that the activity returns is of the type: FaceImage.
We tryd looping trough it to extract values but it does not allow us to display the data as a string.


If any of you have an idea how to solve this isue we would be glad to hear it!

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It’s an array of images, there’s no meaningful and readable representation of that data as a string. What are you trying to do with each image?

Hmm yes i overlooked the fact that it is an array of images…

I wonder though how to extract the promised data. From those images… Cause it should give the Gender and Age.


Use a For Each to loop through the entire array. Make sure to set the TypeArgument property to UiPath.MicrosoftVision.FaceImage. Then you can do item.Age which is type Int32, item.Gender which is type String, and item.Position which is type Rectangle.

When working with a For Each it is important to set the TypeArgument every time, since otherwise UiPath will not suggest the correct properties and methods.

When using a For Each activity I consider it good practice to rename item to something more meaningful, in this case face. That is not required to make the program work though.

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The Solution you gave was perfect related to my question, Thank you for this.
Although the error i get is related inside the Detect Faces Activity.

Operation returned an invalid status code ‘NotFound’

Can’t really target this this. The key and url is valid and i entered the Path to a defailt jpg picture and a Result output.

What’s your full vision service url? Per the below post it sounds like you should remove part of it.

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