Microsoft Text Analysis always shows always 0

This is what i’m getting. Will it always start with 6 n end with 2??


API Key differs from person to person.

Your location/Endpoint URL seems Westcentralus.

Here is a sample for Westcentralus.
Please set your API key to the first Assign activity.
SampleMSTextAnalysis.xaml (5.6 KB)


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Thank you i’ll try this.
Location/Endpoint is not Westcentralus but its southesatasia even after giving the location the endpoint\location URL remains westcentralus. so i gave empty in url textbox .

@Shree_Vybhavi Even I’m facing the same issue. Can you please let me know how you solved this error?

Hi Krishna, even i faced the same issue and it got solved when created my API key by giving “West US” as the location. Use Key1 alone and let service url blank.This may help you…

Hey Thanks Pranitha.
Let me try it that way. Thanks a lot. :blush: