missing methods

Hey all,
so, there’s a glaring omission in excel activities, which is table styling. Given that situation, I thought of trying to write the code myself using the invoke code activity.
The problem I’m having is, that even though, according to MS documentation, Interop should have the Styles interface (Styles Interface (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel) | Microsoft Learn), it’s not available in UIPath. Investigating a bit further, I’ve seen several other missing interfaces.
Since I’m not a developer, I’ve no idea if this is due to UIpath using an older .net framework or it’s an imposed limitation due to some internal technical reason.
Considering that most UIPath assistants have to produce an output that will be available to end users, styling excel tables as opposed to just leaving having a plain infodump into an excel sheet seems to be a no brainer.
My question is, what’s the reason for those missing interfaces? Is it a limitation to the CE? Is it a technical limitation that wont be fixed for whatever reason, and I should find a workaround to this? Will it be implemented sometime in the future?