Microsoft OCR not available

The dropdown value “Microsoft OCR” is not available in Screen scraping area.

May be the sharepoint designer is missing on your machine.If you install it , you should see the Miscrosoft OCR.


I installed, restarted the system.
Do I need to do any configuration.

You don’t see MS OCR now?

I am getting in tool box .But not in Screen scraper wizard.
There is drop down named OCR Engine; In that I am able to get only Google OCR.
I want Microsoft OCR , because no Google OCR is not reading the value properly

I’m having the same exact problem with you. I already have SharePoint Designer 2007 installed.


I’m having this problem too but I don’t have SharePoint Designer installed. I remember from one of the lessons in the Academy a example for scraping data from Notepad to present the scraping methods. In that example, the OCR method gave the option to select from drop down menu Google OCR or Microsoft OCR. If you try this you will see that you can select only Google OCR.

This is an issue for us too! We just skipped the practice as it wasn’t available. But MS OCR is better than Google for certain tasks and we need to be able to use it. What must be done so it’s available in the screen scraping wizard???

@mgirishfan @danielcraciun @imin @Kadhambam_Pookkal I resolved mine by installing the Sharepoint designer 2007 but you have to ensure that the components MS Document Imaging and Scanning,OCR and indexing service filter are included which they are not by default


I have MS SP Designer 2013 Installed including the Optical Character Recognition component and still cannot see the option in UiPath. Any other ideas on how to get it running?

I have the same problem.
Installed Sharepoint Designer and checked if its successfully installed.

environment 1:

  • Microsoft Office Professional 2016 with OCR installed
  • Windows 7 Enterprise SP1
    => Microsoft OCR is not displayed in the screen scraping options

environment 2:

  • Microsoft Office Professional 2010 + MODI
  • Windows 7 Enterprise SP1
    => Microsoft OCR is not displayed in the screen scraping options


I am not certain here but I believe you have to install MS SP Designer 2007. 2013 is just the same :slight_smile:


I have installed SharePoint Designer (2007) and now Microsoft OCR works.

When you’re installing SharePoint be careful to select OCR in install options.



Yes, This is working for me. Thanks!
I have downloaded Sharepoint Designer 2007 and installed as mentioned.