Microsoft OCR in Microsoft office 2016

Hello to the whole community.

I would like to ask you for help in solving a problem I recently encountered.
You will need to use Microsoft’s OCR; but I fear that this component is not installed in my environment. I have Microsoft Office 2016 and I don’t know if you have to install the MODI like in Microsoft Office 2007.

Have any of you already had such a problem? If you ask for help to solve the problem.

Thanks, Fahad

Hi @momi_fede

See our documentation:



I am having a similar issue with Microsoft OCR.

It works perfectly on my local machine when running from studio. But fails with the following error when running on a server through Orchestrator:

“Microsoft OCR: Error performing OCR: Unable to initialize Microsoft engine MicrosoftErrorCreateEngine”

I have Office 2010 Pro on my machine as does the server. I do not have MODI on my machine and yet it still works without error, I assume the Optical Character Recognition replaced MODI? If so both my machine and the server have this.

In the installation config the setups are identical:


Please help!