Microsoft OCR Engine not available in SetUp Extensions options

Hi folks!

Looking at Lesson 7 - Practice 2 in the UIPath Academy I found the follwing screenshot:

I have all the Packages installed in my UiPath Studio, but these extension does not appear as an option when I go to Setup Extensions, I just got Chrome, Firefox, Java and Silverlight.

What do I need to do to have this Extension available in my UiPath Studio?

Thanks in advance for the help!


for MS Office OCR to work you should install microsoft office share point and while installing the same you should slect the option OCR

when you download and install select custom installation process and you can find option to select OCR, select that and complete installation then you can find microsoft OCR in your activity tab.

now MS OCR will come as activity. no need for extension(am not sure about this part).


Thank you!!! I will try that ASAP and let you know the outcome.

I already have MS OCR as an activity, but I’m trying to understand why is not present as an extension.

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So, it’s needed MS Office?