Microsoft O365 ReplyToMail sends email to all recipient


I’m using MicrosoftOffice365 Reply to Mail activity to reply to an email however I noticed that even if you have supplied sender email only in its To property, it still sends email to all recipient. I want to send email to the email sender only.

Btw I’m using O365 to reply since we’re using shared mailbox and I want the sent emails to be saved in Shared Inbox sent items.

Hi @loginerror , just taking any chances if you have encountered this issue so far? Appreciate any help. Thanks!

I am curious about this as well. This creates the need for some additional unnecessary code for a robot to verify if an email is the reply that has been sent to itself. Seems like a very simple correction for the activity.

Hi @mnlatam

It is a nice improvement suggestion. I’ve saved your idea in our ideas tracker for our team to consider.