Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Automation


MFA is enabled for my Microsoft account. So i am not able to login to any of the application without manual intervention(approving). Can anyone pls provide an idea how to automation this MFA for microsoft account. I can approve the login request through micrsoft authenticator or OTP or a call. Is there any possibility to automate this login process without disabling MFA. How UiPath provides solutions for the above scenario?


This seems to be some what topical subject to handle MFA within automation.

I am also curious of any solutions Uipath might have or if someone knows about Microsoft tools for coping this.

Unfortunately I don’t have solution for this but giving my support for this of there is someone out there to offer solution suggestions.

Many of us would appreciate it.

Just bumped into this component in the marketplace…
Two-Factor Authentication Activities - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace