Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 migration


We are planning to migrate from Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 Currently we are using the Microsoft exchange activities for sending/receiving emails.

The current ‘Exchange Mail Message’ activity works with the provided Domain, Server, Username, and Password details.

I’m not sure what changes we should do in the coding/configuration to make it work.

I found there are some separate activities for the Microsoft office 365 but, I think there are some options in the ‘Exchange Mail Message’ activities itself to use that.


It will be really good if we could continue using the same activity with some changes in the properties.

Can someone help to understand and configure these?

Thank you!


If you want to use Office 365 activities then first you need to create one app in Azure and provide Graph API permissions. If do so then it will generate Tenant ID and Client ID. We need to use these IDs in our code for mail activities.

Check below thread and follow the steps to do it.