Microsoft Excel has Stopped Working


Facing Microsoft Excel issue while running the bot in studio.
Getting the "Microsoft Excel has Stopped Working " popup message.


  1. Need to close the pop-up then only bot will continue working.
  2. If u are not closing the popup till that time the process will be in hanging stage.

Hi @arpithasn :wave:

Try to use Kill Process activity and kill the Excel process before your main sequence. This will kill any other instances of Excel and thus won’t have any issues when reading or writing files.

Hi @monsieurrahul

Thank you for your suggestion.

Already tried with Kill process,workbook activity and close application activity.
still i’m facing same issue with excel.


Have you tried using try-catch?

Check this link from Microsoft on why this problem occurs, might definitely help you:

Yes, Used Try catch block also.

The mentioned popup is coming in between the activity.if u use try catch also this pop-up will remain as it till u close the pop-up manually.
Reinstalled the Office 365 also still facing same issue.

are you facing any error or issue when you manually open excel file?

No error…

on which activity you are facing an error?if its an excel application scope activity then try using workbook activity

@arpithasn Try using Workbook activities. It happens mostly with excel activities. You can also try to close the pop-up using if element exist. If it is a java script pop-up , use element scope.

Thank u for your Suggestion.

Tried with workbook activity also still Error is coming…

@Nikhilesh_Mishra. that pop-up is not appearing in exact location to use on element exist.Randomly that pop-up will come while writing data into excel.

use attach window and click on “OK” or “Close” button before wring range. By using attach window, you can close that pop up, location of the pop up will not be an issue.

Already that bot is in running stage in between i’m getting this pop-up and don’t know the exact location where this pop-up will come…then how can i use attach window?

@arpithasn hey can you try writing logs for all the steps and observe the pattern where it is failing may be we can solve it afterwards we diagnose the infection.
I have faced similar issue and here it is important to find a point,

Hi Try Kill Process

Process Name :- “WerFault”

Hi Vishal,

Thanks for the reply.

Process Name :- “WerFault” will be applicable for windows 10 and our case we are using windows 8.

is there any solution for this error pop up! in my case it is ‘Microsoft Word’ stopped working.