Microsoft Excel. Can't find your license for this application. Random, repetitive

Hi Community!

As you can see, I am having some problems with Excel.

I know that there is an immediate way to solve this, already posted in another topic, but the thing is, my goal is not to solve this just by being able to use Excel again. My problem is not that simple.

What I mean is, I get this Windows notification once in a while, randomly in some executions, and then I always have to go there manually to click the OK in order to be able to use Excel again.

My goal is to prevent this to happen. And an answer for the reason of this happening (the infrastructure team says everything seems OK with Office and the services associated with the licence recognition, etc., but not sure how deep they went searching).

Do you guys know something about this? What’s the influence of UiPath on this? Let it out!


there cant be any influence of uipath over this, BUT at the same time it seems that Microsoft does not let normal user license of Office apps to be used by robots…


Have you tried uninstalling and installing the office package again?

Also, Does this show up when you try to open office manually as well?

The things is, this happens after some hours of processing. So, the robot is executing/processing/reading/writing with Excel for some time, and then randomly happens. No pattern observed

No, I did not try that yet.

No, it never happened while opening manually.

Btw, for information that may be useful, I am using Windows 10 with Microsoft Office 2016. Excel activities pack version 2.5.3.

I really think you will have better luck with this if you get support from Microsoft, since the message comes from excel itself and not uipath, i suspect you never seen this message before when using excel manually because you dont work with it for hours like the robot in your case seem to do… for now, what i would do is keep excel opened in your process as little time as possible, work with datatables and open excel only to read the data and in the end to write back to it… Even if you can, use the activities that dont need excel…