Microsoft Error (MicrosoftErrorCreateEngine) - Troubleshoot steps



Is your MODI enabled in MS office?

If not then follow this steps and then check once.

1.Click on Start Button.

2.Click —> ‘Control panel’–> ‘programs’ -->‘program & features’ .

  1. Search for Microsoft office standard and hit a right click and select ‘change’.
  2. Select ‘add or remove features’ and click on continue.
  3. See the last option ‘office tools’ will be written and click on the expand icon (+) next to office tools.
  4. The screen will appear like this.

Click on the expand icon (+) next to ‘Microsoft Office Document Imaging’.

  1. Right click on Scanning, OCR and Indexing service filter and click on ‘run from my computer’.

Note :

MODI software comes pre-installed with Windows 10 OS. So, in Windows 10, you need not to install the MODI explicitly.

If after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10, you are still not able to use the Microsoft OCR, you need to explicitly install MODI.

To check if the MODI is installed and Microsoft OCR is working, use screen scraping wizard and perform OCR using Microsoft OCR.

Sharepoint Designer 2007 installed? If not you can directly download it from here:

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