Microsoft Edge Extension doesn't work


I’m trying to install the Microsoft Edge extension and I’ve tried installing in application and installing manually and the extension does not appear in browser.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.



Microsoft Edge Extension Issue.docx (184.7 KB)

Hello, @JeffNZ1

have you tried to install the extension directly from UiPath Studio in the “Tools” page? That’s how I installed mine and it was pretty quick.
Never did it manually, so I don’t know if there’s something missing, although it looked fine comparing to UiPath’s guide.

Hope your problem gets solved asap.
Happy Automation :robot:

Hello @JeffNZ1,

As per your screenshots, seems that your browser is managed by your organisation.
So, there might be some company policies that can interfere with UiPath add-on.

You might need to ask your IT department.

Also, in Event logs do you see anything?