Microsoft Dynamics

Hi All,

My organisation is planning to revamp the ERP systems and has selected microsft dynamics as the tool to do this.(Am not expert in microsoft dynamics). Meanwhile We have already started with our Uipath journey with existing applications.
Looking at the forum I have a bad feeling about going into microsoft dynamics in future as I see a lot of negative comments and posts on automating microsoft dynamics application. Do I need to get worried? Is there a team or Uipath technical team who has done a feasibility study/project for using uipath with microsoft dynamics?

Hello @rahulraj987,

you can automate MS Dynamics. the application will generate normal selectors just like normal web application.

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You dont need to be worried. You can easily access Microsoft Dynamics applications and selectors. Only thing need to be handled here is the delay in page load.
in case if the Ui elements are not responsive, you can explore the Microsoft dynamics Apis and initiate them from UiPath.

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You don’t need to be worried.Microsoft Dynamics is a flexible in nature, you can access different dynamics features like Microsoft dynamics Addons for your feasibility.

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hey @ak3430
are you replying with experience did you work with both?
cause i have the same concerns as the question said and can’t find any documentation said so and also reference to this question posted in the forum

Hi @ahmed_zaki

I have automated a Dynamics process and it works very well, but it took a lot of trial and error. You just need to follow best practices like using Element Exists in a Do While before you click on something, and always check that what you entered into a field equals what you wanted before continuing. When navigating to a new page, you can check if the page is loaded by reading a field and making sure it does not equal an empty string.

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