Microsoft Dynamics F&O Activities Preview


A cloud-based ERP integrated with Microsoft CRM applications. After connecting, manage processes from accounting and finance to production, warehousing, and transportation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Activities Package

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 F & O Activities Package enables you to automate interactions with your Dynamics 365 application. It gives users the ability to manage their records (get, update, insert, and delete).

How it works

To enable the outbound automation between UiPath and Microsoft, the activities establish an authenticated connection to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 application via the Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations Application Scope activity.

To learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations activities, see this page for a complete activity list and links to the activity detail pages.

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That’s pretty interesting


I am trying to establish a connection of UiPath’s Dynamics Application Scope.

I am new to Azure. I am not really sure about which Redirect URL to choose in Authentication of my application.

I am not really sure which endpoint URL to use in UiPath Microsoft Application Scope:

Please help! a very brief instruction would be awesome. Thanks

Hi @Sarmad_Nadeem

Have you managed to resolve your issue? :slight_smile:

If not, I’m sure @brandon.brown will know the answer.

No not yet. I’d be happy if someone helps me out :smiley:

Any solution for this

I currently have a workaround for it.
Getting data from FinOps using OData. The difference is you get the data in json format. I tried reading data and it works. Creation, updation and deletion should also work if you have access.

I think the below video is a correct guide.