Microsoft Cloud OCR problem


When I try to Read PDF with OCR on the following page of a file:
I get this error:

Also, when I try to read the pages one by one using a while loop, after I catch the exception above, the OCR engine just stops working.

What could be the problem?

hey @Tiberiu_Niculescu,

is your pdf contains image or text?

you can check it by clicking on pdf page!!

it’s a scanned image.

no ideas?

it is working for me, both for image containing pdfs and text containing pdfs
have a try and let me know
ocr_pdfReader.xaml (8.0 KB)

it works for me too. my problem is that it does not work on that specific format and also, while iterating through the pages when it encounters an exception it just breaks.

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Congrats @Tiberiu_Niculescu Happy Automation :wink: