Microsoft Azure Computer OCR Engine errors

Dear community,
I’ve been trying to get the “Results” field from Microsoft Azure Computer OCR Engine activity, but have been struggling in setting up the proper variable type.

Studio tells me the variable needs to be a system.collections.ienumerable(Of system.collections.generic.keyvaluepair(Of System.Drawing.Rectangle, String)), which I get, since it’s probably trying to return the boundingBox from Microsoft, however, I’m unable to define anything past system.collections.ienumerable as the system tells me “system.collections.ienumerable has no type parameters and so cannot have type arguments”.

Anyone know how to get around this? Thanks!

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If you go into the activity property value, you can Control+K inside it and it will create the right variable for you.

Hi Bcorrea,
Had forgotten about that shortcut! So simple, yet exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Have a nice day,

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