Microsoft.Activities Package not found in any feed, NU1202

I was looking at my settings and accidentally changed something but I’m not sure exactly what ‘something’ I changed. My automation was working before I changed that something but I am now getting an NU1202 error in my log and I am unable to find the Microsoft.Activities package as the screenshot shows. Any help would be appreciated! I am running Win 11 Pro 64 bit 6.0.7, UiPath Studio 2022.10.1 , Community License Per User Installation.

Thanks in advance!!


Probably, current project is converted from Windows-legacy to Windows compatibility using migration tool from the following image.

As the activities package does not support .net6 (Windows compatibility), it cannot be used.
Perhaps you should use project before converting. (There should be in your UiPath folder)


That was it, thank you!

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