Microsoft.Activities.Extensions - missing availability for projects not set to Windows - Legacy

hello to all
in a process, i have needed to use the microsoft.activities.extend that is found in official or all packages.
however, with 2022.10.4 i do not find it where it should be.
that is if i use a legacy windows in a process then it is found in noget but if i use just windows in a process then i cannot found that package wherever i search!!
is it because there will be in a near future another packages that deal with dictionary ( for exemple)?
or dictionary must not be use in a process made by windows ( not by legacy windows)?
thank you all!

Hello, is this the activity you are talking about?

yes! can you tell me how to use that package with 2022.10.4 and in windows not legacy windows?
thank you

Hello @Antonio_Campos1

It seems to be not compatible with the Windows version , instead, it supports only Windows-legacy.
So the package needs to be updated by the vendor as it is not the default package from UiPath.


thank you Rahul!!!
it was what i was thinking !
but if i use windows how for exemple use the dictionary? is it possible also?
thank you!

we do see

Similar to some other feedbacks the package is not offering the Libs for the requested target framework

Let us know which activities were used for checking work around options

adding a new entry we can do: e.g a String, Object Dictionary

Assign Activity:
myDictVar("myKey") = myValue

thank you…
i was using the dictionsary. of course that i can always think in other solutions but …
as Peter has told me how to assign a value to a element in a dictionary.
if i am also able to get a value then i also can make a process that is call by a workflox file whose “job” is to maintain that dictionarty which by the way i’m thinking to pass it to that workflow.
anyway thank you all!

i have checked that it is possible like i had said.
so i think that:
for the using of ditcionary the microsoft.activities.extension is a more quickly way to do the same that with pure code like:
first assign with dicto(“key”)= some value
and then have the value with that key like in
write line dicto(“key”)

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