Microsoft.Activities.Expressions.IsTrue is gone after upgrade to newest version of UiPath



Hello, I just upgraded UiPath to the newest version and my workflow is no longer working because of an IsTrue activity which cannot be loaded. I have installed all available packages, but it is still not there. The error I get in the workflow is this:

Activity could not be loaded because of errors in the XAML.

And in the output I see the following error message:

Could not find type ‘IsFalse’ in namespace ‘’.

How can I resolve this? Has this activity been removed or is there a package that I for some reason do not have access to?



The activity Is true is included like you mentioned in Microsoft.Activities.Extended. Can you try to reinstall the the package?



Hi, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Microsoft.Activities.Extensions now, but it did not work. I no longer have access to the Microsoft.Activities**.Expressions**, only the .Extensions. I cannot find a package called Microsoft.Activities.Expressions. I also no longer have the Microsoft.Activities

I.e. I am left with only .Extensions.


Hi tea, did you found a solution for this already? I had the same issue but after I installed package “Workflow Manager activites” all the ones you listed became available.


Hi, it actually began working again by itself just as suddenly as it had stopped working, but today the error is back again. I had not done anything in my workflow since last time I published it, and when I opened it, the error message was there again. I will try uninstalling and reinstalling that package you mentioned.
Edit: Yes, that package solved it, thank you matsi!


Go to Manage Packages, Install Workflow manager activities. This will resolve the problem. you can find all the activities Microsoft->Activities->Expressions


Hi, I am seeing this issue, I cannot see Microsoft->Activities->Expressions.
I have tried re-installing the packages to no avail.
Please can you advise?



Hi All,

Iam not able to see the workflow manager activities in the package manager console. Where can I find it?
Could anyone please help


Try Ctrl+P -> Available -> search on microsoft. At least that’s where I find it…