Methods for webtable


Do we have methods that work on webtable such as getcelldata (get value of a cell using row and column) or method to click on a particular cell.

I am using innertext (In selector) to identify a object on webpage uniquely. But got into issue when two rows have same cell values that needs to be clicked. Any thought how to overcome this ?

Methods around webtables will make life so much easier.


As per your requirement for getCellData, It will require you to pass the row and column reference for fetching the data.
On similar lines, you can build a dynamic selector for referencing any cell of a table.
Your selector should probably look something like this:

<html title = 'YourPage' />
<webctrl tag='Table' ...add your attrib='Value' to uniquely identify the table on your page />
<webctrl tag='td' tablerow=' & intRowReference & ' tableCol=' & intColReference & ' />

Sidenote: Looks like you’ve worked on QTP prior to UiPath.


Yes…QTP was awesome with web elements


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I couldn’t find an equivalent to Desktop Object in UiPath though.