Methods For Auto Switching The License

Resolution when it not possible to run job (always pending state).

The license switch does not happen automatically. It is recommended to consider the two alternatives,

Release license using Orchestrator API : How the license can be toggled from Orchestrator User Interface, same way, it can be toggled using Orchestrator.

API odata/LicensesRuntime({key})/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.ToggleEnabled. Call this API automatically or manually.

  1. Automatically: There are numerous ways to invoke Rest API automatically, like invoke from any other application (web/ windows), scheduling PowerShell script through windows task scheduler, windows service are some of the approaches.
    • Manually: The Rest API can be called manually from Swagger or different tools like Postman.
  2. Disconnecting the Robot once job gets completed: If the Robot is disconnected from Orchestrator, it will release the license. This can be achieved using batch script. Again, this batch script can be called automatically from task scheduler or different ways or can be run manually.
    1. To disconnect run command : UiRobot.exe disconnect
    2. To connect run command : UiRobot.exe connect --url --key 1122AAB3C-DD44-EE55-FF66-7788GG99HH00
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