Method not found: 'UiPath.DataService.Definition.EntityAttachment


I’m trying to access Entity Attachment data type inside for each loop after querying all record from specific Data Service.

Data Service configuration:

My attachment in Watch Window:

I’m trying to access mentioned attachment and save it as variable of type Entity Attachment.
Error that is thrown while trying to compile my workflow:

Any ideas?


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Hi Krzysztof,

This is a known issue that our engineering team is currently working on. What version of Studio are you using and is this on Automation Cloud or Suite?

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Hi @Jack_Miller , thanks for the updates. Do we have any portal/link where we can see the known issues of latest versions. It would be very grateful.

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@ABHIMANYU_THITE1 We attempt to fix known issues within a reasonable time frame and don’t have a link/page of known issues currently.

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Hello, we are using Automation Cloud and Studio of version 2022.10.3.

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