Method not found error (UIPath.Uiwindow UIPath.luiwindow.minimize())

Trying to fetch the data from Scanned pdf, using Get OCR text activity, after indicating on the screen, iam not able to edit selector using indicate element option showing error as shown in attached file.

System- windows 10
Uipath version- 2019.4.7

Hi, You have more options in Open In Ui Explorer to edit the selector.

Also you can edit the selector like this:

copy it it and paste it in a notepad, edit it manually and place it back there, also you can place variables in there and so on.

Thanks for your replay,
Do you have any idea to deal with this error “Method not found error System.ObjectRestSharp.Extensions.Refelec”


I also had the same issue. I could fix that by updating the ‘UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities’ package to 20.4.2 version.

Thanks…it help to solve my error for Type Into activity