Method not found error System.ObjectRestSharp.Extensions.RefelectionExtension

Trying to fetch json data through wizard from accuweather api but showing error as shown in attached file. please help.

System- windows 8
Uipath version-CE 2018.2.3
VS-2017, V-4.7.*

have you found the solution?i too getting same error

Hi Shahul,

In the older versions of the UiPath Studio, this error appears when there is RestSharp package version greater than 105.0.1 (for example: 106.x.x version). Please navigate to the below directories, delete the RestSharp.nupkg file:

-> %localappdata%\UiPath\Activities
-> %localappdata%\Nuget\Cache
-> %localappdata%\Temp

Now download the RestSharp package from the below location: NuGet Gallery | RestSharp 105.0.1 and replace it in packages folder in the installation folder (C:\Program files(x86)\UiPath\Studio) → Enterprise and (%localappdata%\UiPath\Activities)-> Community

Open the UiPath Studio and now use the activity.

Thanks @Dominic