Metadata Variable

Hello - Can anyone help with the following/

I am trying to edit meta data as when I am downloading files the class will change e.g. part of the meta data will be "<webctrl class=“collapsebale-p” and can change to "<webctrl class=“collapsebale-p collapsible”.

When this changes the bot doesn’t the downloadable files and the data table appears as empty. I think I need to use a wild card within the meta data but as this is not possible right now I am trying to pass all of the meta data into a variable and then instert the wild card within the variable.

I can’t seem to write this into a sting variable as I get the error “End of expression expected”. Any have any ideas?

I may be wrong
But I wonder like the tag values will be usually with single quotes right
Class = ‘collapsebale-p’

Is it coming with double quotes around like this

Well coming to your point did that error implies what character was missing along the expression
I hope mostly the doubles quotes inside double quotes gets to this error
But I have a doubt on that double quotes because even metadata will be having single quotes I guess
Kindly correct me if I am wrong

Cheers @Cormac

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