Message: The browser was not specified for this activity. You should use this activity inside of a Browser scope (Attach Browser or Open Browser activities) or set its Browser property


DtExcel has any rows in it? Debug and check.

Run it in Debug mode and it will identify the point of error - it could be because you DtExcel is not set
or something you are trying to call is not set.

resolved …
new error


Hi @98d5b817dcd19244c50b

When you are navigating to browser then please note that your bot is navigating to page specified in Attach Browser element. Error is saying robot is not able to find the page which you have attache by attach browser activity.


I added input to attach browser …which is output of open browser.
and made continue on error as “true”
still fail got error below

Dtexcel is blank …what to do



So is your excel file empty?

Are you passing out DtExcel from your read range?

Excel is partially empty…

yes passing out DtExcel from read range

What you have should work, I assume your DtExcel is of type Datatable also.

Can you log DtExcel.Rows.Count.Tostring to see if it is retrieving anything instead of just DtExcel.

looks fine 6 is the popup

but i got error later

please help

Look at the selector as it may be different - check the title and do comparison.