Message error Index was outside the bounds of the array

Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask you for help with the following problem, before it worked fine, now it shows me the following error


that’s how I have the activity.


the code is like that.

the variable NumeroCiclo is string and contadorColumna is initialized to zero.

Thank you very much for your help.

hi @santi4058 ,

It basically says - The index you are trying to access is not available.

  1. Take a WriteLine and Verify the DataTables Rows for TablaHoja… by using TablaHoja.rows.count.tostring.

  2. Take a writeline and print the value of contadorColumna by using String : eg this comes as 4

  3. Now in the DataTable Verify - for the First row - you are having the 4 column in the DT.


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I already executed it and it brings me the values ​​that are, the strange thing is that I have another part that works well, but when I join it to the workflow I get the error