Message: Could not retrieve the result of the job execution. This might be because a message was too large to process

thanks you very much, the guy from uipath maybe do the customer service…


Someone can help me with this issue as well. I’m using HttpClient activity to GET request and deserialize Output result using DeserializeJson activity

Thank you @caydel and @Vinutha. I had the same issue with my process it got resolved after I disabled the activities that write the API response to the console.

Thank you this was my issue.

I was having the same issue. Just in case someone encounters this issue, you are most likely trying to output an Argument that is too large. In my case I was trying to move a Browser variable from an Attach Browser activity to other workflows. After I deleted out_Browser the error did not show up anymore.

if we remove as argument how can we pass to calling XAML?
I have scenario,

create xaml to read e-mails from email address and give the outlook emails as output.

in this case i am giving only 1 e-mail i am capturing and sending as argument. but still i am getting same error.

what can we do it?

If you’re using the REFramework, just make sure the email/browser argument is In in the Main.xaml. You can have Out arguments of browser/email in your initialize applications.xaml or any other invoked xaml.

I guy’s am new to UiPath.

am also getting the same issue.
Thanks in advance.

I am working on UiPath project v2022.4.4 where i am using re-try scope activity to fetch the mail which is contain pdf by calling another sequence. once i pass that PDF path where am saving that through arguments back to the sequence, while sending mail to sender with attachment am getting this above error. please help me in this.

am not using REFramework and not connected to orchestrator.
am passing the path from argument to variable then passing that variable to send outlook mail activity attach file.

it’s work! thanks