Message Box not displaying

I’m running my first robot… just displaying a message box saying “Hello” inside a flowchart (i also did it with a sequence), but once I run the robot it doesn’t display anything… any idea?

Hi @Gilberto_Saenz

could you make a screen shot of your process?



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Are you getting any error ?

Hello @Gilberto_Saenz

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Do you have any decision activities or if condition activities in the workflow above the message box activity? If you have, most probably your condition could be wrong there. Or the output you expect is not coming due to some reason.

Also, it would be easier if you can share a screenshot of the workflow so that we can get an idea

hi @Gilberto_Saenz
there are some possible solutions:
-go check what is the activity that you’re using, there are various, some display the message and other just show it it the output panel.
-check if the sequence is connected to the start node.
or try to upload a capture to fix better the error.


Did you ever get this issue resolved? I am having a similar problem running on a VM. I would like to know if there is a problem using the UiPath Studio on a VM? Any input will be appreciated…

@JSierra, is your issue resolved? I’m also facing similar issue

Hi @Soundharya

Can u attach the screenshot of ur workflow

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